With the 21st century we can all agree that we are now past the notion of it’s a must you be employed to earn a living. Young people are now embracing art and are using it as a channel to embrace and communicate to the world at large. Young people have made foray into leadership through art and are now influencing activism in terms of putting leadership to question and are also pushing their communities forward through creating employment through art. Art has become a source of unity and a source of inspiration to many in terms of being an effective communicator of change.
In addition to this, the UN made it even simpler for the youth to use the kind of art they wish so that they can first engage in governance and decision making and also how they can make a living and fight the extremes of poverty. This is when it adopted the 17 Sustainable Development Goals with 169 targets between them in September 2015. World leaders came together and through the most open and consultative process in the UN History they created these goals with the aim to transform our world and provide the world with new action plan for the next 15 years. This was to help eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, fight inequalities, tackle climate change and achieve sustainable development.
1. The youth will have a changed perspective on the role of arts in growth of economy and interdependence.
2. Learn Sustainable Development Goals intensively and help spread it out. Then train others in order to have a changed-mindset. Thus increase awareness and capacity building.
3. Use art to create employment.
4. Expose new Kenyan based innovations which will help build our culture and bring our sustainable ideas.
5. Encourage innovation instead of employment.
6. Bring out solution based ideas.
Art to be a venue of mentor-ship through participatory mentor-ship programs based in schools..
  • Design thinking for artists
  • Building the brand
  • Social & personal competencies
  • Human right Based approach to Artistry
  • Building movements

Outcomes and Activities

Expected Outcome

Our 3 principles are to connect with one another, learn from one another and share with one another.
Vooma program is artist led and primarily for artists, although we welcome people from other backgrounds.
We are inclusive. Our network is open to artists from all backgrounds, communities, experiences and qualifications. No one is better than the other.


In-person events for artists to share active works, ideas or challenges they face in arts. Each artist receives peer-to-peer support from the group, offering support and advice from our hive mind.
Please note that our peer groups are currently on hold due to COVID-19. We’re still running some online events though.
In addition to the above we now run other weekly events, including professional development workshops and socials. In the future we’ll also be organizing exhibitions. 
A place to connect with other artists, share works and challenges, discover resources, or just check-in with others in the sector.
Art for SDGs events will be run at the hub focusing on creating mentors and train the artists on financial literacy and HRBA to community development through Art.



Elevating the African Artist


Let’s talk about society


Giving space to talk about life


Role of Art in Activism