Innovation is more important in modern agriculture than ever before. The industry as a whole is facing huge challenges, from rising costs of supplies, a shortage of labor, and changes in consumer preferences for transparency and sustainability.
There is increasing recognition from agriculture corporations that solutions are needed for these challenges. In the last 10 years, agriculture technology has seen a huge growth in investment, with $6.7 billion invested in the last 5 years and $1.9 billion in the last year alone. Major technology innovations in the space have focused around areas such as indoor vertical farming, automation and robotics, livestock technology, modern greenhouse practices, precision agriculture and artificial intelligence, and blockchain.
We engage local farmers in modern agricultural practices through training, usually focusing on production methods. According to recent studies, more than 90 percent of farmers embrace most innovative practices today, and other growing techniques to produce enough fuel, food, and fiber for a growing universe while minimizing their environmental impact at the same time.
We focus on
  • Invention and innovation,
  • Stewardship
  • Responsibility
  • Meeting of the environmental and global food challenge (Zero Hunger)


  • Training
  • Pilot Farm
  • Selling of seedlings


At community and urban areas

Community Farmer engagement

Agricultural Innovation and support

Climate Action

Webinars, Seminars,Merchandise,Programs

past/ongoing projects

Plastic Urban Gardens

Plastic garden home making project in Homabay. Our target was 5 households per month leading to production of homegrown vegetables for food and also sell. Aiming at achieving Zero hunger in urban areas

Recycling plastic in nurseries

Recycling plastics in homabay and assisting farmers develop their vegetable nurseries

Bamboo Training

Bamboo propagation training in rural Kenya focusing on climate action, economic empowerment, and rehabilitation of green spaces and water catchment areas.