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Smart Talk Café is giving the African Youth a platform to come and have open minded discussions on what kind of 21st Century solutions are needed in the economic sector, social sector and environment sector. We are focused on the ability of the youth to start thinking of how they can be able to support themselves plus their communities using the resources they have and talent.

We are in the innovative age and the young people in Africa should be taught on how start having a solution based mind-set so that we can be part of the movement that acts and not just talk. To add to that, with the coming of Sustainable Development Goals. The youth have the numbers to put enough pressure on accountability mechanisms that will ensure service delivery is accessible and of quality. Aligning to the goals and targets means that the youths are able to use the SDGs as a yardstick to measure government performances. They must hold the governments responsible of ensuring that these goals are realized and where possible partner with the government in ensuring that they are realized. Only when they understand the goals will they be able to fulfil this role. Smart Talk Café will be offering trainings to its members on Sustainable Development Goals and how they can come up with policies and be part of decision making in their countries through Public Participation


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That the youths would start having a solution based mind-set where they can use their skills thus talent and art to create awareness and solutions by addressing the urgent social, economic and environmental issues facing Africa thus by building strong partnerships with the existing organisations and self created organisations.


Creating awareness among the youths on what the sustainable development and Agenda 2063 are and how they can be involvedintheimplementation, monitoring and accountability process through building youth capacity to learn and research on development in order to engage effectively on global affairs locally though trainings for knowledge, skills and attitude transformation for implementation of SDGs in their local contexts.

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