Africa re-rising


African countries on their part and in pursuant of the vision of “an integrated, prosperous and peaceful Africa, driven by its own citizens …”, came up with a home-grown, long-term development plan called the Africa Union Agenda 2063: “The Africa We Want”
For this to happen, key policy actions needed are those that expand local communities and youth opportunities, give them the skills to participate fully in the economy and public life, and promote healthy behaviors since they contribute the largest segment of the population. It is estimated that 40% of Africa’s population is under 15 years old, with a median age of 19 years old and 70% under 30 years old. This presents a youth bulge whose potential must be seized in order for sustainable development to be realized and sustained.
The program present a multi-sectoral dialogue on SDGs at the urban and local level. The program will have training and Focused Group Discussion forums which brings together youth and change makers from all works of life to rethink and rework on methodologies for bringing the messages of the SDGs to the public. This project will also provide a platform to show case to decision makers the positive actions by young people and development partners at the local, national and regional levels for inspiration and synergy around the implementation of the SDGs. The program will be around awareness creation, taking action and holding the relevant stakeholders accountable on the progress
It focuses on topics that encourage active engagements by the local change makers who are either interested or already making progress in such topics in their personal, professional or academic lives in a moderated discussion that is open to the public.
Discussions will inform action on the existing gaps in the implementation of SDGs, whose responsibility, what solutions to the gaps, role of stakeholders and finally come up with action plan for action by the stake holders.


  • Training
  • Innovations and incubation
  • Project formulation. implementation and evaluation
  • Community development consultancy.

Africa for sustanable development fellowship

Africa for Sustainable Development Fellowship Program seeks to equip 40 youth and women in each cohort in Africa per year starting with East Africa mainly targeting Rwanda, Burundi and Kenya. Projections by the United Nations show that the world population will hit 10 billion people by 2055. Of this growth, Africa will account for 57% of growth (1.4 billion people). In particular, the population of sub-Saharan Africa is projected to double by 2050 (that constitutes a 99% increase). Yet, with such comfortable numbers, the youth ought to be a critical part of the human capital and drivers of economic growth if well exploited. To achieve anything meaningful, the youth ought to be the drivers of conversations around their issues. The fellowship is to help equip this population with development skills to help them not only create solutions but also be drivers o change, and development in Africa.
 Course Aims and Outcomes:  
I. Aims
To equip young men and women in Africa with knowledge, interpersonal, leadership and development skills to enable them come up with viable and sustainable community projects that address the urgent social, economic and environmental challenges within their communities.
II. Specific Learning Outcomes
By the end of this course, the fellows will:
Have a proper understanding of the sustainable development goals
Be able to align their engagements in a sustainable model
Be able to do design thinking in whatever development agenda they are focused on
 Understand the engagements under mainstreaming acceleration, policy support and implementation of the SDGs
Fully understand the importance of circular economy in African development
III. Format and Procedures:  
The courses will run once a week for 3 months. We will have a 3 hrs of classes. The participants will have to choose a specific day to have discussions on the previous class and do group assignments.
The classes will run online through zoom or google meet.
IV.  Registration and cost of fellowship
This fellowship will be free of charge
V. Course Requirements/Eligibility:
18 to 35yrs
Should be a national of that country.
Should be a resident of that county/region.
Should be running or willing to run an SDGs initiative within their community.
Have a good understanding of sustainable development.
Able to spare 6-10hrs per week for classes and engagements
Has demonstrated leadership in the community.
VI. Timeline of fellowship
The fellowship will be for 3 months
Registration from March to May
Start of fellowship is in June
VI. Fellowship Focus
The training will focus on:
Sustainable development
Design thinking
Circular Economy
Policy formulation and integration
Leadership and sustainable development
Strategies for personal growth and development
Proposal writing and funding strategies in community development


Looking into the progress made by African Countries in MAPS for SDGs


Contextualizing aspects of the SDGs based on student projects

Stakeholder Mapping

Identifying the right stakeholders to engage in projects and programs

Movement Building

Building sustainable community movements aimed at community development.

Meet 2021 alumni of the africa for sustainable development fellowsip